Coupled Physics Inverse Problems

Center for Mathematical Modeling, Santiago, Chile, 3-5 January 2013

Coupled Physics Inverse Problems

The focus of the conference will be on "coupled-physics" or "hybrid" imaging modalities that have received a lot of attention in recent years due to the great promises they hold for medical imaging and other fields. By combining two or three different types of waves (or physical fields) these methods overcome limitations of classical tomography techniques and deliver otherwise unavailable, potentially life-saving diagnostic information. Among these methods are the Thermoacoustic Tomography (TAT), Photo-Acoustic Tomography (PAT), Ultrasound Modulated Optical and Impedance Tomographies (UMOT, UMEIT), Magneto-Acousto-Electric Tomography (MAET) and several other modalities combining magnetic fields with ultrasound scanning of the tissue.


Gunther Uhlmann (UW)

Axel Osses (DIM/CMM-U. Chile)

Matias Courdurier (Fac.Mat. PUC)

Jaime Ortega (DIM/CMM-U. Chile)

Closely related to these methods are so-called combined physics modalities such as Current Density Imaging and Elastography. Besides medical imaging there has been also recent interest on coupled-physics inverse methods in oil exploration in particular on the Seismo-electric effect.

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